The most versatile wrapping machine

Its unique electro-mechanical configuration makes it possible to combine different wrapping styles in one machine.

The wrapping style change over is easy and can be completed in very short time, there is no need for any adjustments thanks to precise fixed positions for all size parts.

The intermittent motion of the four-positions wrapping station and the continuous motion of the wrapping material unwinding system are synchronised by special paper grippers patented by M.C. Automations.

It is always possible to convert the MC1 to handle a new wrapping style by replacing the wrapping group, feeding system, and/or the discharge devices according to new production needs.

Wrapping styles


Exceptionally  versatile machine for Double Twist and rolled aluminium foil  wraps.

Product feeding from vibrating hopper. Change over time for wrapping style with the same size product is less then 20 minutes, over 40 minutes when the product shape and dimension change.


Wrapping styles


The combo line for wrapping and cartoning of bars

The smart combination of our well known wrapper MC1EWB  and wrap around cartoner WRAP-S,  finally allows to wrap and carton chocolate bars in one single line offering a very compact foot print.

The MC1EWB is one step machine for the wrapping of chocolate bars whit one or two wrapping materials. Bottom closure by heat-sealing station or ho melt glue. Evacuation of wrapped product on horizontal conveyor belt synchronized with the in-feed belt of cartoner.

The WRAP-S is the most simple and versatile wrap around cartoner capable to handle many different carton styles to accomplish the market demand.

Wrapping styles