The true multistyle wrapping machine

Modular intermittent motion Multi-style wrapping machine suitable for solid and filled chocolates whit flat bottom, moulded and enrobed in several wrapping styles such as: Double and Twist, Bunch, Envelope, Portfolio, Fancy, Vienna, Top and Side Twist.

The easy replacement of the folding group along with the servo drives and memorised set-up programs, make the change over of wrapping style and size parts quick and easy, with no need to access the internal mechanical parts.

The intermittent motion of the four-positions wrapping station and the continuous motion of the wrapping material unwinding system are synchronised by special paper grippers patented by M.C. Automations.

Wrapping styles


It is always possible to combine in one machine the wrapping of spheres and products with flat bottom. The vibrating hopper and the chicane are compatible and the production can be switched in few minutes.

Wrapping styles